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13th Annual

5K Run-Walk-Ruck

March 1, 2025

Honor First

- In Memorium-

William McKee EOW: 1926

Lon Parker EOW: 1926

Victor Ochoa EOW: 1983

Alexander Kirpnick EOW:1998

George Debates EOW: 2004

Nicholas Greenig EOW: 2006

David Webb EOW: 2006

Michael Gallagher EOW: 2010

Brian Terry EOW: 2010

Nicholas Ivie EOW: 2012

Alexander Giannini EOW: 2014
Manny Alvarez EOW: 2016
Robert Hotten EOW: 2019
Luis Peña EOW: 2019
Daniel Cox EOW: 2021

Chad McBroom EOW: 2021

Anibal Perez EOW: 2021

Martin Barrios EOW: 2021

Freddy Ortiz EOW: 2023


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Your support will help dependents of fallen agents as well as our BP101Fund Scholarship Program to benefit Border Patrol spouses (101s) throughout Southern Arizona.

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